How to Open PDF Files with Ionic 4 on Android and iOS [v4]


When you want to open files inside your Ionic app you’ll most likely have to interact with the local filesystem in some way – something that’s not always easy and obvious from the outside.

In this Quick Win we will build an app to open both a PDF that we supply with our app and one that we first download and then display. In contrast to the previous version for Ionic 3 we will now have a switch between iOS and Android to handle things differently.

With the previous Document Viewer plugin we had to use a specific app on Android, so this time we are rolling with a more general plugin that will automatically use your preferred reader.

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Comments on How to Open PDF Files with Ionic 4 on Android and iOS [v4]

  1. Luís Cunha says:

    Is there any good solution on Android that doesn’t require the user to have an external PDF opener application installed?

    1. Mudasir Bhutto says:

      Yes, use and it’s best solution for not only pdf, but also .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx etc

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