Turn your web development skills into mobile development skills. Quickly.

Learn Ionic app development through step-by-step courses, hands on projects and a helpful community. Never get lost again.

Max Lynch
Co-Founder and CEO, Ionic Framework

As a web developer, learning how to build mobile apps can be daunting. Ionic Academy is your go-to resource for getting up to speed with Ionic so you can turn those web development skills into mobile development skills quickly. With easy-to-understand videos, quality content, and a community of learners, Ionic Academy is sure to be the main place web developers go to learn how to build mobile apps.

The Ionic Academy is Your Essential Resource for Learning Everything Ionic


Being part of the Ionic Academy enables you to:

  • Build Ionic 2 apps for iOS and Android using Angular 2
  • Learn and improve your Developer Skills
  • Get into a community of Developers and experts
  • Find the help you need to develop your own apps

What you get from the Ionic Academy:



Learn Ionic 2 with detailed step-by-step video courses, save your favorites and track your progress


Apply your knowledge in action and get feedback on your projects. Every Github Project looks good on your CV!


Share & ask fellow Developers along your journey about all topics related to building your app



Vote for upcoming courses and material to influence the direction of the Academy

The Ionic Academy is growing steadily. If not everything is there what you are looking for, chances are high it will appear over time!

Take a look inside the Ionic Academy...

Courses on a wide range of Ionic 2 topics

  • 3 Difficulty levels to start exactly where you are now
  • Short and precise step-by-step videos
  • Getting started with Ionic 2
  • Using a REST API
  • Connecting with Services like Firebase and Google Maps
  • ..and many more & more coming over time!

Projects to apply your new knowledge

  • We don't learn by simply reading or seeing something
  • Most courses are followed by project challenges
  • Apply your skills and take them one step further with a project
  • Building a Speech output app
  • Work with the Google Maps API
  • ..many more & growing!
  • ..or even use these projects as templates for your next app!

Community of inspiration and help

  • Never get lost in your learning journey
  • Get help of fellow developers and experts
  • Stay on top of new trends, versions and updates
  • Share your apps and get feedback
  • ..or just hang out and have a relaxed chat!

Special Resources & Discounts

  • As a member you can enjoy special deals
  • Get tools, services or starter templates
  • Discounted prices only for Academy members
  • Save time & money with your favorite tools

Are you still struggling to build your first mobile app or trying to keep up with the latest changes? If you want to get better every day, there's no better way to stay on top of the game.

The Ionic Academy is your all-in-one learning platform for Ionic.

What courses are already published?

If you'd like to see the current course library, click here


Curious how the video tutorials look like?

Watch below to get a first impression what waits inside!
(Note: This video uses small text, later videos have been recorded with a much bigger font size)

John Engstrom

I am a senior level developer working in Angular and I when I wanted to add Ionic to my stack, I was excited to learn about the Ionic Academy. The Ionic Academy has exceeded all my expectations. I found the courses well organized, easy to follow, and well worth the cost of tuition. The community that is building around the Academy is incredibly welcoming to students of all levels and Simon Reimler, the creator, is always there for you if you hit a wall. Whether you are a beginner looking to built your first app, or a senior level developer looking to build complex hybrid apps using all the latest Cordova plugins, The Ionic Academy is a great place to start.

Choose a plan that suits you well!

If you're ready to take your Ionic 2 development skills to the next level by enrolling in the Ionic Academy, simply choose your payment option below and click the button to join..

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No stress 14 day money back guarantee

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

When you join the Ionic Academy, you are fully protected by a 100% money back guarantee.

If you don't feel like you received value and decide to cancel any time within your first 14 days, just send me an email (perhaps why you didn't like the Academy) and I'll send you a refund!

A Little Bit About Me...

Hi, I'm Simon - your buddy and instructor inside the Ionic Academy!

Over the last years I was working as a software developer and team lead for mobile development. Through my blog Devdactic I shared countless tutorials, videos and resources with one goal - helping you to  build great Apps.

When I'm not developing or writing something you can find me in the gym or spending time with my amazing fiancé in one of the most liveable cities of the world - Muenster in Germany.

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