How to Log Better in Your Ionic App With ngx-logger [v4]

We have all used the good old console.log many times before, but when you are serious about building a big app especially in the enterprise context logging is more important than ever.

In this Quick Win we will use super simple yet powerful way to improve the logging inside our Ionic app with the nxg-logger package. With this package the logs in our app will look like in the image below in no time!


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Comments on How to Log Better in Your Ionic App With ngx-logger [v4]

  1. Florian Hübner says:

    I tried out ngx-logger a while ago but was not very happy with it and stopped using it. Maybe something changed recently but I never could control the logging class wise, only globally. Maybe I am spoiled by log4j but when I want to activate trace logging in a bigger project I dont want to switch it on globally but only for certain classes and I never found a good way to do that in ngx-logger.

    For remote logging I use with some success but getting the sourcemaps to work correctly is somewhat of a pain…

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