How to Create Basic Ionic Storage CRUD Operations [v4]


The Ionic Storage package is a great wrapper around the local storage or SQLite database inside your Ionic app, but when it comes to basic functionality there are not a lot of functions available.

Therefore we will create a simple app to demonstrate the basic CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) functionalities for Ionic Storage on our key/value entries.


This is of course just one example how to access and work with your data as you might store it differently and of course different information!

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Comments on How to Create Basic Ionic Storage CRUD Operations [v4]

  1. Zafer Bahadir says:

    It was very helpful. Thank you for the useful information.

  2. Mahen Nowzadick says:

    I cannot compile the code above, it says: “[ng] “export ‘List’ was not found in ‘@ionic/angular'” – using ionic 4.8.0

    1. fran fan says:

      getting the same error

    2. Juls says:

      rename List to IonList

      1. Simon Grimm says:

        Yes thanks, changed it in the code as well!

  3. Rano Paimin says:

    Hi Simon & others.
    I have solution the List import problem.

    import { Platform, ToastController, List } from ‘@ionic/angular’;
    Change to this:
    import { Platform, ToastController, IonList } from ‘@ionic/angular’;

    @ViewChild(‘mylist’)mylist: List;
    Change to this:
    @ViewChild(‘mylist’)mylist: IonList;

    I hope this will solved the Problem.

  4. Mustafa says:

    How can we close all sliding items when we click button?

  5. Sascha says: I have the same issue, and can’t find any other solutions -do you see the same issue with your example app when you use the “Toggle device toolbar” in chrome dev tools?
    Thank you, greetings from Osnabrueck.

  6. Michael Wells says:

    Thanks Simon, great work as always-
    A typo in app/services/storage.service.ts

    Needs semicolon delimiters;
    export interface Item {
    id: number;
    title: string;
    value: string;
    modified: number;

    1. Simon Grimm says:

      Thanks Michael, but afaik it was working without them – maybe you have different TSLint rules?

      1. Michael Wells says:

        I very well might, I just have whatever defaults came with VS Code. Speaking of which, the whitespace linting is a pain, it’s so picky about even blank lines containing spaces. Do you have a tutorial on VS Code setup for IONIC 4, with any tips on linter config, terminal config (powershell often fails with npm), and IONIC 4 developer / reference plugins? Would love to see that.

        1. Simon Grimm says:

          Hmm sounds like a good idea!!

  7. Raif Onvural says:

    Great tutorial, thank you.
    All works great except update.. I can not update an item

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