Ionic Side Menu With Multiple Tab Bars [v3]

The questions about the navigation patterns side menu and tab bar never end, especially how they can both work together (friendly). Therefore today we will explore different options for using a combination of side menu and tab bar!

We will build a simple app that can open different tab bar interfaces from a side menu or a standard page. Also, we’ll add a feature to automatically open a specific tab of the selected tab bar so our final result will look like this:

Let’s get started!


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Comments on Ionic Side Menu With Multiple Tab Bars [v3]

  1. tonymccallie says:

    This is a great article! I struggled with a similar idea. I needed an app that had two different Side Menus, each with it’s own tabs. Here’s what I came up with as a test: . I’d love to get your thoughts on how I implemented it.

  2. Haihao Yu says:

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    Haihao Yu

  3. Haihao Yu says:

    not show the code or the article

    1. As you can read below the article “You must be a Member to view this Quick Win”. There is only a free preview, for the rest of the content you need to be logged in.

      1. Zafer Ka says:

        “You must be a member” section seems like an ad, so it can be ignored. 🙂

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