How to Display Ionic 4 Local Notifications (Schedule, Payload & Callback) [v4]


When you need a quick and easy way to notify your users about things happening in your app at a later point you can use local notifications which look like a push notification (more on the difference later) and can be implemented with just a few lines.

In this Quick Win we will implement the local notification plugin and schedule a notification for a later point, send additional data and subscribe to events in order to receive our payload data.


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Comments on How to Display Ionic 4 Local Notifications (Schedule, Payload & Callback) [v4]

  1. Kamal Salah says:

    Hi Simon greate work, thanks.

    I wouder if you got the sound to work, i would like to play a sound file when a notification triggers. I tryied this code as the manual tells us. but did not get it to work. Any ide?

    title: “New Message”,
    message: “Hi, are you ready? We are waiting.”,
    sound: “file://sounds/message.mp3”,
    icon: “”

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