Building an Ionic Image Gallery [v3]

If you app works with images, chances are high you want to allow your users some interaction with the images or at least show a bigger version of images. A good way to show multiple images is a gallery, and as we will see it’s actually super easy to implement.

In this Quick Win we will add the Ionic Gallery Modal package to an Ionic app and display a gallery of a few images. We don’t need any special HTML or CSS (although we can change that if we want to), so this is one of the fastest ways I can think of to achieve something like in the image below!



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Comments on Building an Ionic Image Gallery [v3]

  1. Sissy says:

    hi, what if i want to add more than one button in a page, how should i handle the .ts page?

  2. Santhosh Sandy says:

    Will this work on ionic v4??

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