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Do You want to become an Ionic Developer?

Learn Ionic through step-by-step expert screencasts.  Build for the Web and Mobile with JS, HTML and CSS.

What You Get From the Ionic Academy

Develop Apps with Ionic faster



No more searching for the right material. Learn Ionic with step-by-step video courses & quick wins. The library is continually refreshed & growing so you'll never fall behind.



Learning can be boring. Practice what you've learned through projects and get feedback on your work. Building apps is what you came for in the first place, right?


Bug that costs you hours? End it! You get access to a community of developers and experts around Ionic. We'll find a solution for your problem together.


Don't reinvent the wheel every week. Get access to exclusive member only deals for Ionic Templates & Resource to save more time and money.

"As a web developer, learning how to build mobile apps can be daunting. Ionic Academy is your go-to resource for getting up to speed with Ionic so you can turn those web development skills into mobile development skills quickly. With easy-to-understand videos, quality content, and a community of learners, Ionic Academy is sure to be the main place web developers go to learn how to build mobile apps."

Max Lynch

Co-Founder & CEO Ionic Framework

"The Ionic Academy is a perfect environment to learn Ionic. Thanks to its comprehensive, ever growing collection of learning videos along with real world tasks and a quick support by an active community, it allows me to advance at a fast pace, all the while working on customers' projects."

Fritz Frei

Web/Mobile Developer

Some of the Awesome Stuff You'll Develop inside

Finally get all the resources & support you need to ship your Apps



You'll learn the basics to connect your Ionic app with one of the hottest BaaS out there.



Ionic is based on Angular - so you get to learn even 2 awesome frameworks at the same time.


Ionic Cloud Services

These official services come directly from Ionic to help you build apps faster.


API Action

Build APIs and learn to connect your Ionic apps to modern backends with databases and REST API

....and the library is growing as new courses are added on a regular basis!

You can checkout the current course library here

Become a member of the Academy

If you are ready to invest in your career, simply choose your payment option below and click the button and start building Ionic apps today! 

Monthly Ionite 

$25 per month

Get started with the basic plan that you can always cancel in seconds

Yearly Ionite


$225 per year

Save $75 compared to monthly billing Enjoy a full year of the Ionic Academy!


$499+ per year

Level up your dev team  and deliver your projects faster


What Members Say About the Ionic Academy

Don't trust my words? Ask these happy Members.

otris software AG has developed client-server ready business applications for 20 years - recently also with the Ionic Framework for various mobile devices. To get started the Ionic Academy is the perfect place to learn from the best. Video tutorials, code examples and an active community get us on a fast learning track and help with useful suggestions for our professional app development.

Dr. Frank Hofmann

Management otris AG
John Engstrom

I am a senior level developer working in Angular and I when I wanted to add Ionic to my stack, I was excited to learn about the Ionic Academy. The Ionic Academy has exceeded all my expectations. I found the courses well organized, easy to follow, and well worth the cost of tuition. The community that is building around the Academy is incredibly welcoming to students of all levels and Simon Reimler, the creator, is always there for you if you hit a wall. Whether you are a beginner looking to built your first app, or a senior level developer looking to build complex hybrid apps using all the latest Cordova plugins, The Ionic Academy is a great place to start.

As a Front-End Developer who was wondering around in the new world of TypeScript, Angular 4 & Ionic 3, I wanted to thank your for a very concise and content rich videos with a lot of practice examples in your courses. That has helped me a lot while studying Ionic 3 and upgrading my knowledge trough the Ionic Academy. I can clearly say that I caught a lot of tips and tricks from you and already using it on my new project, that I'm developing with my development team.

Aleksandar Djordjevic

Web/Mobile Developer

Curious how the courses look like?

Watch below to get a first impression what waits inside!

Follow Every Step.

  • Watch live coding in best quality
  • Jokes and fun included
  • Build out your apps & features with explanation in real time
  • Nothing left out
  • Don't just copy - understand!

Track Your Progress.

  • Save your progress inside courses and lessons
  • Bookmark important lessons for later
  • Enjoy modular courses with shorter lessons
  • Preview the learning system!

You can find all current courses inside the course library here!

Hi, I'm Simon from Devdactic!

The face behind all the talking

Hi, I'm Simon - your coding buddy inside the Ionic Academy!

I'm working as an independent Developer & Consultant. Through my blog Devdactic I shared countless tutorials, videos and resources over the last years with one goal - helping you to build great Apps and save time.

When I'm not developing or writing something you can find me in the gym or spending time with my amazing wife in one of the most liveable cities of the world - Muenster in Germany.

"I am so glad I found your blog other day. You are doing a great job. Simple and easy to understand guides."
​"I found it just before I was going to throw my pc out of the window and leave behind this developer life and go to live in a forest!"
"Your blog posts are awesome and of great relevance to me. Thanks and I appreciate you for coming up with essential posts on IONIC."

As seen on:

Am I right for the Ionic Academy?

It's not for everyone. It's a special place.


The Ionic Academy is for you if...

  • You're a Web Developer who wants to be able to build mobile apps based on your existing skills
  • Your Team of Developers needs to learn Ionic faster
  • You want to build great apps for clients to make more money faster
  • You're a native Mobile Developer for iOS or Android and want to be able to develop for all platforms (I've been there!)
  • You are an Angular Developer and want to build apps based on your strong Angular skillset
  • You want to learn one of the easiest ways to build your own Mobile Apps
  • You enjoy learning new technologies and want to stay up to date with the trends

It's not for you if...

  • You have no software development experience at all
  • You want to build native apps for just iOS or Android
  • You want to develop only websites (although it's possible, it's not the main idea here)
  • You want to learn React Native, NativeScript, Xamarin or another Cross Platform Framework


You are not the only one with questions.

What is the Ionic Academy?

The Ionic Academy is an online school to become an Ionic developer. Inside the school you will find step-by-step video courses of different knowledge levels - start where you are and build up your Ionic + Angular skills inside the Academy!

Can I get a free preview?

Sure! Over the last years, everything on my blog Devdactic including all videos inside my YouTube Channel were and still continue to be free for everyone. Besides that, the Ionic Academy also offers a free Quick Win section! Also, you can find a preview video scrolling up this page a bit. The content inside the Ionic Academy is different as it is deeper, more structured and offers more support than it would be possible with a public tutorial.

I am already using Ionic, why should I join?

Inside the Academy the courses range from beginner to expert level. If you have already developed apps before, you can learn to use new features or share your next app ideas with the community. We are more than happy to help beta testing your next big app!

Do you offer student discounts?

The Ionic Academy is already priced below every MBA program out there, so learning the needed skills to become an Ionic developer here is a lot more affordable and more outcome oriented than anywhere else. That's why there is currently no additional student program.

What is the difference to other code schools?

There are many great code schools out there, and sometimes you find Angular or Ionic content. But none of these is specified only on Ionic. The Ionic Academy is filled with only Ionic courses and content, so while others might touch the surface or different aspects of Ionic, the Ionic Academy offers courses, projects, resources and help explicit for Ionic developers to give you 100% support.

I have never developed apps before, is this for me?

The Ionic Academy offers entry points for all developers. After some initial setup you can directly work on creating your own apps! Members are always amazed how fast they get their first Apps up & running.

Which Ionic version is used inside the Academy?

Starting with Ionic 3, Ionic will simply be called "Ionic". If you see the term Ionic somewhere on this page, this refers to Ionic 2+. This means, inside the content will be focused on Ionic 2 and above.

I thought Hybrid Apps still suck?

If you are still on the fence about going hybrid just send me an email to and I'll give you a quick update on this. Seriously, it's BS.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

When you join the Ionic Academy, you are fully protected by a 100% money back guarantee.

If you don't feel like you received value and decide to cancel any time within your first 14 days, just send me an email and I'll send you a refund without questions.

Become a member of the Academy

If you are ready to invest in your career, simply choose your payment option below and click the button and start building Ionic apps today! 

Monthly Ionite 

$25 per month

Get started with the basic plan that you can always cancel in seconds

Yearly Ionite


$225 per year

Save $75 compared to monthly billing Enjoy a full year of the Ionic Academy!


$499+ per year

Level up your dev team  and deliver your projects faster


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