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Simon Grimm
Ionic Developer Expert

50+ Video Courses · 15+ App Code Templates · Private Community · Monthly new courses & Quick Wins

Turning web developers into Ionic Experts.

Ionic Fundamentals

Structure apps with tabs or menus, understand navigation and state management and create beautiful UIs with the Ionic Framework.

Work with Capacitor

Add native features like Camera, Push Notifications or SQLite storage to any web app and integrate native plugins.

Release Native Apps

Build powerful features, prepare you apps for iOS and Android and release native apps with web technologies.

A taste of our courses.

More than 5000 happy developers 💙

Brian Davis // Lead Developer

I'm working on launching my first app, and the Ionic Academy is my number one resource I turn to when I'm looking to solve the next challenge I'm facing.

Fritz Frei // Retired Consultant

The Ionic Academy is a perfect environment to learn Ionic

Dalibor Plavcic // Software Developer

Education provided by the Ionic Academy helped me bring customers ideas to life quicker than ever before.

Tim Boehm // Developer

I have found no better site to learn and develop in Ionic than this one.

John Cressman  // Entertainer

I came to the Academy because I needed to create an app for my company and knew nothing. Now, I'm through most of the tough parts thanks in large part to the Ionic Academy.

Sumit Roy// Freelance Developer

Within one month I was able to develop a full-scale hybrid app. Also I feel much more confident that I will be able to build much more complex apps in the future.

Power up your development team.

Manage your developer accounts from one corporate umbrella account, so they can learn and advance on their own.



  • 3 Developer Accounts
  • Priority Support
  • Access to All Courses

Grant up to 3 Developers access to all material inside the Ionic Academy.



  • 5 Developer Accounts
  • Priority Support
  • Access to All Courses

Provide a team of 5 Developers with Ionic Academy access.



  • 10 Developer Accounts
  • Priority Support
  • Access to All Courses

Upskill your whole app development team of up to 10 developers.


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Hey there, I'm Simon 👋

I'm an Ionic Developer Expert, teaching Ionic with books and courses since the first version in 2014.

Through my YouTube channel with more than 50.000 subscribers I share Ionic knowledge for free every week.

The Ionic Academy is my place to help your directly with all your problems so you can build amazing Ionic apps faster, with the right support on your journey.


How does the Business Account work?

You as the team lead / CTO sign up for the package that includes enough sub accounts for all your developers. Inside your account you then only add the emails and your developers will be notified about their access to the Ionic Academy.

What if somebody of my team leaves?

Don't worry, you can simply remove one developer from your account and later add a new developer to your team again!

50+ Video Course · 15+ App Templates · Private Community

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