Add Social Sharing to Your Ionic App [v4]


If you can let your users share the content of your app you have a greater chance of creating a buzz or viral app. The good thing is adding this functionality with Ionic 4 works in a matter of minutes!

In this Quick Win we will add the social sharing plugin and also use the file plugin to resolve the path of local files.


As a result we’ll be able to quickly share content of our app on the major social platforms without any further integration!

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Comments on Add Social Sharing to Your Ionic App [v4]

  1. Matthew McGeehan says:

    Hey I’m working with an Ionic V1 Application. Are there any tutorials out there for sharing a specific page from the app?

  2. Alexis Aliano says:

    Hey thank you for this excellent tutorial, do you know if there is a way to share calendar event this way ?

  3. Jay Inked says:

    your video is good but here we explain how to share an image. Have some example for someone who only wants to share a link on facebook for example without being obliged to import files plugin.


    1. Simon Grimm says:

      If you only want to share a link on FB just leave out the file stuff of the tutorial 🙂

  4. Manikandan K says:

    How to run cordova platform browser. ?

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