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John Engstrom

I am a senior level developer working in Angular and I when I wanted to add Ionic to my stack, I was excited to learn about the Ionic Academy. The Ionic Academy has exceeded all my expectations. I found the courses well organized, easy to follow, and well worth the cost of tuition. The community that is building around the Academy is incredibly welcoming to students of all levels and Simon Reimler, the creator, is always there for you if you hit a wall. Whether you are a beginner looking to built your first app, or a senior level developer looking to build complex hybrid apps using all the latest Cordova plugins, The Ionic Academy is a great place to start.


You are not the only one with questions.

What is the Ionic Academy?

The Ionic Academy is an online school to become an Ionic developer. Inside the school you will find step-by-step video courses of different knowledge levels - start where you are and build up your Ionic 2 + Angular 2 skills inside the Academy!

Can I get a free preview?

Sure! Over the last years, everything on my blog Devdactic including all videos inside my YouTube Channel were and still continue to be free for everyone. Also, you can find a preview video scrolling up this page a bit. The content inside the Ionic Academy is different as it is deeper, more structured and offers more support than it would be possible with a public tutorial.

I am already using Ionic, why should I join?

Inside the Academy the courses range from beginner to expert level. If you have already developed apps before, you can learn to use new features or share your next app ideas with the community. We are more than happy to help beta testing your next big app!

Do you offer student discounts?

The Ionic Academy is already priced below every MBA program out there, so learning the needed skills to become an Ionic developer here is a lot more affordable and more outcome oriented than anywhere else. That's why there is currently no additional student program.

What is the difference to other code schools?

There are many great code schools out there, and sometimes you find Angular or Ionic content. But none of these is specified only on Ionic. The Ionic Academy is filled with only Ionic courses and content, so while others might touch the surface or different aspects of Ionic, the Ionic Academy offers courses, projects, resources and help explicit for Ionic developers to give you 100% support.

I have never developed apps before, is this for me?

The Ionic Academy offers entry points for all developers. After some initial setup you can directly work on creating your own apps!

Which Ionic version is used inside the Academy?

Starting with Ionic 3, Ionic will simply be called "Ionic". If you see the term Ionic somewhere on this page, this refers to Ionic 2+. This means, inside the content will be focused on Ionic 2 and above.

I thought Hybrid Apps still suck?

If you are still on the fence about going hybrid just send me an email to simon@ionicacademy.com and I'll give you a quick update on this. Seriously, it's BS.