One Ionic special every day during December!

To make the holiday season a bit more special for you, I will create a daily Ionic goodie for you 

Time: From the 1. of December until the 25. 2019!

This means you will get videos, content, templates and deals that I will post daily on these days.

Not just tutorials - but talking about everything related to Ionic!

Every Sunday you can also expect a little special....

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Day 1

Success Stories

Day 2

Underrated Ionic Components

Day 3

How to build an Ionic 4 Christmas Calendar

Day 4

Visual Studio Code Extensions

Day 5

Look behind the scenes of the Ionic Academy!

Day 6

Custom ion-nav Navigation

Day 7

Ionic Dark Mode

Day 8

Give the Ionic Academy as a Gift

Day 9

Ionic Stretchy Header

Day 10

How to Build Ionic 4 Apps with Chart.js

Day 11

Angular animations with Ionic

Day 12

Holiday Season AMA with Simon

Day 13

Ionic Hardware Back & Browser Back

Day 14

Ionic Browser Debugging

Day 15

The Ionic Universe

Day 16

5 Things of Ionic in 2020

Day 17

Ionic 4 Multi Level Menu with ion-nav

Day 18

Ionic Global Header Component

Day 19

My 2020 Tech Stack

Day 20

Ionic Source Code Deep Dive

Day 21

Ionic Sticky List & Fixed Slot

Day 22

Ionic 2020 Preview with Mike Hartington

Day 23


Day 24

Building an Authentication System with Ionic 4 and NestJS

Day 25

A Personal Message from Simon