Ionic 3 Crash Course

You want to get started with Ionic?

Then this free Ionic Crash Course is made for you!

Over 7 days you will receive one lesson each day and go from zero to your first app at the end of the week.

Get the free 7 day Ionic Crash Course to learn how to:

  • Get started with Ionic
  • Build a Tab Bar navigation
  • Make HTTP calls to a REST API
  • Store Data inside your app
  • Use Cordova plugins
  • Style your Ionic app

The course is free, so there's nothing you can lose!

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Day 1: Get Started

We will setup our environment, install Ionic and start our first project. We take a look at the basics of Angular and also prepare our environment to build our app for iOS and Android mobile devices!

Day 2: Navigation

Of course you need a way to navigate around inside your apps. Therefore we build a Tab Bar navigation and use the Ionic NavController to work with different views and pages.

Day 3: HTTP Calls

Most apps use some external data, and calling a distant API doesn’t have to be complicated. We use the popular Swapi to grab some free JSON data and fill our app with the asynchronous data.

Day 4: Cordova Plugins

As we are building mobile apps we of course need access to the native device features. We learn how Cordova works and how we can easily integrate plugins into our app.

Day 5: Ionic Storage

Many times you want to store some kind of data in your app. The Ionic Storage package was made for this case, and we will improve the functionalities of our app by storing data local.

Day 6: Styling

Styling and Ionic app is most of the time achieved through CSS. We learn what else we can use from Ionic to change the UI of our App within minutes!

Day 7: Debugging

Even the best Apps have bugs sometimes. In this lesson you will learn about debugging tools to find the nasty bugs as fast as possible.


Is it free?
Yes, this 7 day crash course is completely free! However if you want to dig deeper into Ionic, the Ionic Academy is a paid membership site that offers you much more in depth training through courses, videos, projects and a great community.

Do I need any previous knowledge?
Not really. If you are a developer and know basic concepts, you can go through this 7 day course or the content of the Ionic Academy. Both start at a very low level even with an introduction to Angular.

Not yet a Member?


If you’re not yet a member of Ionic Academy then you should definitely become a member now – you’ll get access all courses, a lot more projects and an awesome Community. Become an Ionic developer with all the support you need.