Level Up Your Dev Team

Create one lead account and select a package that fits your team size!




Get 3 Developers access to all material inside the Ionic Academy.

Small Business



Provide a team of 5 Developers with Ionic Academy access.




Your company is serious about Ionic? Give 10 Developers an Academy account.


Got any questions?

How does the Business Account work?

You as the team lead / CTO sign up for the package that includes enough sub accounts for all your developers. Inside your account you then only add the emails and your developers will be notified about their access to the Ionic Academy.

What if somebody of my team leaves?

Don't worry, you can simply remove one developer from your account and later add a new developer to your team again!

My team is even bigger then 10, what should I do?

Just send me an email and let me know how many developers need access. We'll then find a solution and matching plan for your needs!